Q2 voting has now closed and results will be released shortly. Q3 voting will open on 22 July on a new platform. All experts will be sent the new link to vote from 22nd July. For all other information on Euromoney Country Risk please visit the new site at: www.euromoney.com/country-risk
Euromoney Country Risk


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Euromoney Country Risk

Euromoney Country Risk

FAQ: Frequently Ask Questions

Faq    Which countries are included in the Euromoney Country Risk Rankings?   Faq    What does the ECR score mean? How does your index correspond with other rating systems?   Faq    Does Euromoney still publish the rankings in Euromoney Magazine or on Euromoney.com?   Faq    What makes ECR different from other measures of country risk?   Faq    How are ECR scores generated and how often?   Faq    Can I see the survey methodology?   Faq    What kind of institutions do ECR experts work for?   Faq    Do scorers provide an institutional or individual opinion?   Faq    Do you pay or incentivise experts to participate?   Faq    How do you ensure that different experts score in a standardized way?   Faq    What happens if a scorer tries to subvert the system or skew the scores?   Faq    Can I download scores? If so, where from?   Faq    Can I see the scores of an individual "expert"?   Faq    Can other people see my scores?   Faq    How can I score?   Faq    Who are the "Experts " and where can I view their details?   Faq    How do I follow a country?   Faq    Is there a limit to the number of countries I can follow?   Faq    Can you supply me with a data feed?   Faq    Can you provide me with historical ECR data?   Faq    Can I see a distribution of scores or a standard deviation of scores for a country?   Faq    How many experts from my organization can score in the system?   Faq    How many subscribers can my organization have?   Faq    What Credit Ratings are utilized and how are they scaled?   Faq    What does access to capital mean?   Faq    How do I post analysis?   Faq    How do I contact other experts?   Faq    How do I upload analysis?   Faq    How can I change my password?   Faq    How can I change my email address?   Faq    How can I change my email notifications?   Faq    What is a country wiki page? Why is it called a wiki?  
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