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Euromoney Country Risk (ECR) is an online community of economic and political experts that provides real time scores in categories that relate to economic, structural and political risk. The consensus expert scores, combined with scores on sovereign borrowers' access to international capital markets, together with data from the IMF/ World Bank on debt indicators, create the Euromoney Country Risk score for 186 individual countries.


ECR evaluates the investment risk of a country, such as risk of default on a bond, risk of losing direct investment, risk to global business relations etc., by taking a qualitative model, which seeks an expert opinion on risk variables within a country (90% weighting) and combining it with a basic quantitative value (10% weighting).


The qualitative score is visible independently of the ECR score, and it reflects a snapshot of a country's current position.
The ECR score is displayed on a 100 point scale, with 100 being nearly devoid of any risk, and 0 being completely exposed to every risk.

History and  evolution of ECR

ECR is the evolution of Euromoney magazine’s country risk survey. It panels the opinion of hundreds of economists, spanning many sectors – both public and private.
Mapping country risk survey data in real-time since 1982, the ECR survey is the most sophisticated risk-sentiment measure of its kind. It enables users to track up to 23 indicators of risk and make instantaneous decisions based on the latest available data.
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